Deep Roots Farm can be found at three Saturday markets and one Sunday market each week May through
November. While actual attendance can vary due to severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we plan to
attend the following markets every week:

Hillsdale Farmers' Market
at Wilson High School between SW Capitol Hwy & Vermont
Sundays 10-2

Portland Farmers' Market
SW Park Blocks @ PSU
Saturdays 8:30-2
Mid March-November

Hollywood Farmers' Market
NE 44th & Hancock, Portland
Saturdays 8-1

Beaverton Farmers' Market
SW 3rd & SW Hall
Saturdays 8-1:30
May-mid September


For serious market shoppers, we offer market Advantage CSA shares which are credit that is managed like an
old-fashioned grocery store tab at our farmers market booths. This is not a pre-packed box--you get to select your
own produce each time you visit our stand, and the value of your purchase is deducted from your share.We are
very proud of our CSA system as it allows our members greater flexibility, not only because they can choose their
own produce, but because they can create their own pick-up schedule, as members aren't required to come to the
market every week.
Shares are always available for purchase thorough our market booth. A small share purchased for $270 gets you
$300 worth of credit, and a large share purchased for $360 gets you $400 worth of credit. The shares can be
redeemed at any of our market booths throughout the season, and they never expire--the credit is good until it
runs out!


What produce can I expect to find at your market booths throughout the season?
In general, we tend to have a lot of greens throughout the year. Peas, shallots, sweet onions, strawberries,
cucumbers, zucchini, and parsley come on in mid-late spring. Tomatoes, cantaloupes, beans, bell peppers, basil,
and eggplant are plentiful in the summer, and potatoes and winter squash join our offering in the fall.

How long will my share last?
While it takes most of our members a full five months to use up their shares, we do have a few members who use
theirs up more quickly. There is no limit to how much of your credit you can redeem each week--it's yours to use
however you like. If your share ever runs out during the season, we do allow members to "re-up" in $90 increments
($100 in credit).

For more information come see us at any of the markets listed above, or give us a call.

Our market schedule varies throughout the season. Illnesses, equipment failure, weather, and many other factors
may require us to miss markets. Please contact us for an up-to-date market schedule.